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Major audio balancing issues. Some are ear piercing while others are barely audible. Afro ninja's seems to be broken/

good music choice, smooth animation excellent. though some of the fart noises were significantly louder than some of the others.

lol, animation on hand and brain flying out probably would have looked better if they were drawn frame by frame tho.

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love the concept and its pretty fun, though id love to see other gamemodes where you experiment with this idea. the one gamemode only lasts so long

catdogck responds:

Good idea. In the mean time there are the mods you can enable from the menu.

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hey this is cute and your artstyle is cute. i really like how you drew her hair and the detail on the armor. the way you drew her nips are cute.

Her right titty is larger than the left. keep in mind that one tit is farther away from the "camera" than the other. and if you draw both the same size on paper the farther one will appear bigger.

besides that just try to figure out the foreshortening on the legs they look a bit off.

kimmyA responds:

thank u for pointing that out i appreciate it and thank u <3

this is cute i really like your colors and your colors contrast well

goawayimcrabby responds:

Thank you so much! Y^-^Y

hey this is really good. i like your color choices. and i really like the wide canvas size, i don't see it enough.

But watch your composition, your focal point is in the smack center, which makes it hard to lead your viewers eyes around to see everything you want them to.

funymony responds:

Thank you!!! I was trying to make a twitter banner.

And you are RIGHT! I should of put him off-center and had the scarf dance around the middle. I could of played more with the giraffe's head too. I really need to practice my composition so I'll try planning things out a little better next time.

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